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What We Do

Our dynamic multi-disciplinary team offers an extensive range of consultancy services, enabling Shape Engineering to support all stages of property, construction, building, and infrastructure projects, from the pre-planning and feasibility stage right through to completion.

Our services are delivered by vastly experienced and technically competent staff, who take pride in producing commercially astute results.

Shape specialise in providing structural engineering designs in steel, concrete, timber, and masonry structures. This includes the design, analysis, and assessment of various types of structures ensuring they are safe, efficient, and meet regulatory standards.

We provide civil engineering services that deal with the design of infrastructure and public works. It involves the application of scientific and technical knowledge to create, improve, and sustain the built environment.

We can provide Phase 1 Desk Studies and Phase 2 Geotechnical Site Investigation Services to advise on ground conditions and contamination levels, along with a full suite of site surveys needed for planning purposes.

In the current climate emergency Shape believe that we have a significant role to play in helping cut carbon emissions. We have provided structural design solutions for the refurbishment, renovation and retrofitting of historic structures eliminating the need for new-build structures. We also undertake embodied carbon calculations on structural designs to allow a meaningful comparison to be made between schemes.

All of our jobs are delivered using Autodesk Revit, Trimble Tekla & XPSite 3D which allows for the creation of a 3D digital model that integrates various design elements and disciplines. This enables more efficient collaboration and coordination among different professionals involved in the project, including Architects and Mechanical and Electrical Building Services. The hard model helps identify and resolve clashes or conflicts early in the design phase, reducing rework and improving overall design efficiency.

Shape offer specific structural inspections across the country that address structural defects in existing buildings or infrastructure. We are experienced in providing specialist advise relating to structural remedial measures to enhance structural integrity and performance. Structural solutions are appropriate to the given defect and each appraisal is undertaken to provide a safe structure whilst utilising minimum structural intervention.

We provide highway design services for both private and public projects. This includes designing road layouts, intersections, and drainage systems to ensure safe and efficient transportation networks.

Shape Engineering offers expertise in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDs) as well as traditional drainage systems. We design drainage solutions that effectively manage surface water runoff, minimise flood risks, and meet environmental regulations.

We specialise in earthworks and provide 3D cut and fill modeling services, which analyse site topography, soil conditions, and project requirements to determine the optimal earthwork design, ensuring efficient land development.

Shape Engineering addresses flood risk management through our expertise in flood risk assessment. We analyse potential flood hazards, develop mitigation strategies, and can perform flood storage compensation analysis.

We assist in master planning and plot strategy development for various projects across the country. We assist in optimising land use, site layout, infrastructure planning, and coordinating with other stakeholders to achieve successful project outcomes.

Shape provide checking services, designs, and methodology for various temporary works solutions. Shape cover the majority of contractor design elements including piling mats, working platforms, hoardings, tower crane bases, trench shoring, temporary bridging and façade retention.

RAAC roof and floor panels are at risk of sudden structural failure without warning, these panels were extensively used in institutional buildings from approximately1948-1993 and due to the possibility of collapse they pose a high risk to site users. Shape provide RAAC surveys that establish the presence of RAAC and classify the structural specific risk and any remedial requirements.

Shape Engineering offers external works design services, including landscaping, site access, and parking. We ensure that the external components of a project are well-integrated, functional, and visually appealing.