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We Are Shape

Shape Engineering is a vibrant and dynamic consultancy firm specialising in Structural and Civil Engineering services. We have a diverse range of clients and a loyal UK-wide customer base who trust in our expertise. Our business approach is focused on surpassing client expectations, and we prioritise understanding our client’s goals and aspirations.

We have an unapologetically commercial approach which combined with our professionalism, creativity, and dedication, helps us support our clients’ best interests and successfully achieve their objectives. Shape Engineering takes pride in its ability to create groundbreaking projects, offer practical and reliable advice, and provide innovative solutions. Additionally, we are not afraid to challenge designs to ensure that the best and most optimal solutions are achieved for our clients.


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What We Do

Our dynamic multi-disciplinary team offers an extensive range of consultancy services, enabling Shape Engineering to support all stages of property, construction, building, and infrastructure projects, from the pre-planning and feasibility stage right through to completion.

Our services are delivered by vastly experienced and technically competent staff, who take pride in producing commercially astute results.

Shape specialise in providing structural engineering designs in steel, concrete, timber, and masonry structures. This includes the design, analysis, and assessment of various types of structures ensuring they are safe, efficient, and meet regulatory standards.

We provide civil engineering services that deal with the design of infrastructure and public works. It involves the application of scientific and technical knowledge to create, improve, and sustain the built environment.

We can provide Phase 1 Desk Studies and Phase 2 Geotechnical Site Investigation Services to advise on ground conditions and contamination levels, along with a full suite of site surveys needed for planning purposes.

In the current climate emergency Shape believe that we have a significant role to play in helping cut carbon emissions. We have provided structural design solutions for the refurbishment, renovation and retrofitting of historic structures eliminating the need for new-build structures. We also undertake embodied carbon calculations on structural designs to allow a meaningful comparison to be made between schemes.

All of our jobs are delivered using Autodesk Revit, Trimble Tekla & XPSite 3D which allows for the creation of a 3D digital model that integrates various design elements and disciplines. This enables more efficient collaboration and coordination among different professionals involved in the project, including Architects and Mechanical and Electrical Building Services. The hard model helps identify and resolve clashes or conflicts early in the design phase, reducing rework and improving overall design efficiency.

Shape offer specific structural inspections across the country that address structural defects in existing buildings or infrastructure. We are experienced in providing specialist advise relating to structural remedial measures to enhance structural integrity and performance. Structural solutions are appropriate to the given defect and each appraisal is undertaken to provide a safe structure whilst utilising minimum structural intervention.

We provide highway design services for both private and public projects. This includes designing road layouts, intersections, and drainage systems to ensure safe and efficient transportation networks.

Shape Engineering offers expertise in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDs) as well as traditional drainage systems. We design drainage solutions that effectively manage surface water runoff, minimise flood risks, and meet environmental regulations.

We specialise in earthworks and provide 3D cut and fill modeling services, which analyse site topography, soil conditions, and project requirements to determine the optimal earthwork design, ensuring efficient land development.

Shape Engineering addresses flood risk management through our expertise in flood risk assessment. We analyse potential flood hazards, develop mitigation strategies, and can perform flood storage compensation analysis.

We assist in master planning and plot strategy development for various projects across the country. We assist in optimising land use, site layout, infrastructure planning, and coordinating with other stakeholders to achieve successful project outcomes.

Shape provide checking services, designs, and methodology for various temporary works solutions. Shape cover the majority of contractor design elements including piling mats, working platforms, hoardings, tower crane bases, trench shoring, temporary bridging and façade retention.

RAAC roof and floor panels are at risk of sudden structural failure without warning, these panels were extensively used in institutional buildings from approximately1948-1993 and due to the possibility of collapse they pose a high risk to site users. Shape provide RAAC surveys that establish the presence of RAAC and classify the structural specific risk and any remedial requirements.

Shape Engineering offers external works design services, including landscaping, site access, and parking. We ensure that the external components of a project are well-integrated, functional, and visually appealing.


Our Expertise

As experts in a wide range of disciplines, our flexible approach allows us to fully collaborate with clients across a large scope of industry sectors. We understand that each sector has its unique requirements, considerations, and design principles based on the specific needs and functions associated with that particular type of development and ensure our designs accommodate these different uses.

The development of housing units that are affordable for low to moderate-income individuals or families, in order to address the need for quality and reasonably priced housing for housing associations and the community.

Buildings and facilities associated with emergency services, including police, fire, and ambulance services. Our design considerations prioritise functionality, security, and the rapid deployment of emergency response teams.

This sector encompasses a wide range of non-residential buildings, including offices, retail stores, and warehouses. Our designs are tailored to the specific needs each busines and it’s commercial activities.

The design of educational facilities such as schools, colleges, and universities. Our designs prioritise creating conducive environments for learning, safety, and accessibility.

Housing and facilities designed for older adults or individuals with specific care needs. These buildings balance independent living with access to support services and healthcare.

The design of office buildings and the development of spaces for selling goods and services to consumers.

A diverse range of structures owned and operated by governmental entities, including civic centers, libraries, and government offices.

Bespoke housing design for individuals or families, with specific high end requirements or the extension or adaptation of existing properties to better suite the residents needs and or lifestlye.

We work Nationally with private house builders and housing assossiations on larger residential developments involving multiple housing units, amenities, and infrastructure. We oftern assist with site due dilligence, viabitlity and assessment for purchase and progress to addressing the requirements of the local planing authority with the aim of creating a integrated and sustainable communities.

Housing facilities specifically designed for students, such as dormitories or purpose-built student apartments. Our designs often consider proximity to educational institutions and student-friendly amenities.


Our Work

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Our Frameworks

Our Frameworks

Shape Engineering’s inclusion in trusted frameworks for design and build procurement is a testament to our expertise, standards, reliability, and track record.

Frameworks are established to streamline the procurement process and provide clients with a pre-approved list of suppliers who meet certain criteria.

All frameworks serve as benchmarking tools for selecting suppliers on issues such as quality and value, streamlining the procurement process whilst validating our expertise.


We create spaces
for better living.

Barry Wilson


Ian Ambrose


Lisa Greig

Associate Director

Our Awards

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Our Clients

Our Clients

We have a diverse range of clients and a loyal UK-wide customer base that trusts in our expertise. Shape Engineering focuses on surpassing client expectations and understanding their goals and aspirations is key to providing excellent customer service and developing lasting relationships. We are committed to providing value and tailor our services to meet client-specific needs.


What Our Clients Say

An absolute pleasure to work with such a dedicated and professional project team that shares the values held by Alpha. Shape were an integral part of the design team. The services provided by Steve Robinson and Lisa Greig were first-class. They were responsive and appreciative of the fact that this was our first scheme of this size and type. They responded quickly to changes in the design and were a valued member of the project team. I have no hesitation in recommending them for your framework agreement.

Graeme Foster

Chief Executive of Alpha Living

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Helen Lambert

Project Manager

On a large residential scheme in Skelmersdale for Social Landlord Tawd Valley, 74 Units £12.5 Million Value, we were provided with a low-level site investigation report, produced by the previous site owner, this was analysed by the Shape Team who identified issues with the level of contamination investigation, groundwater testing, and gas monitoring. They reported to us the failings of the previous investigation, provided a methodology for supplementing the investigation, and due to start on-site time constraints liaised with the Local Contaminated Land Officer to accept the current gas monitoring results, so we were not delayed on-site by a further three months of gas testing. I can’t even quantify how much value this has brought to the project.

Zoe Brooke

Business Development Director, Whitfield & Brown

Shape Land & Property

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Structural and Civil Engineering Experts


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Shape Engineering, is an award-winning practice ranked in the AJ100 the Architects’ Journal top 100 practices in the UK which lists the UK’s most successful and innovative architectural practices.

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