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Our Expertise

As experts in a wide range of disciplines, our flexible approach allows us to fully collaborate with clients across a large scope of industry sectors. We understand that each sector has its unique requirements, considerations, and design principles based on the specific needs and functions associated with that particular type of development and ensure our designs accommodate these different uses.

The development of housing units that are affordable for low to moderate-income individuals or families, in order to address the need for quality and reasonably priced housing for housing associations and the community.

Buildings and facilities associated with emergency services, including police, fire, and ambulance services. Our design considerations prioritise functionality, security, and the rapid deployment of emergency response teams.

This sector encompasses a wide range of non-residential buildings, including offices, retail stores, and warehouses. Our designs are tailored to the specific needs each busines and it’s commercial activities.

The design of educational facilities such as schools, colleges, and universities. Our designs prioritise creating conducive environments for learning, safety, and accessibility.

Housing and facilities designed for older adults or individuals with specific care needs. These buildings balance independent living with access to support services and healthcare.

The design of office buildings and the development of spaces for selling goods and services to consumers.

A diverse range of structures owned and operated by governmental entities, including civic centers, libraries, and government offices.

Bespoke housing design for individuals or families, with specific high end requirements or the extension or adaptation of existing properties to better suite the residents needs and or lifestlye.

We work Nationally with private house builders and housing assossiations on larger residential developments involving multiple housing units, amenities, and infrastructure. We oftern assist with site due dilligence, viabitlity and assessment for purchase and progress to addressing the requirements of the local planing authority with the aim of creating a integrated and sustainable communities.

Housing facilities specifically designed for students, such as dormitories or purpose-built student apartments. Our designs often consider proximity to educational institutions and student-friendly amenities.