Corporate Social Responsibility

At the heart of Shape Engineering are the values; professionalism, pride and respect. Not only for our staff, but also for the community & environment we live in.


Social responsibility is at the foundation of the way we work. As forward thinkers, we know that the choices we make today will impact the future. So we are committed to using our expertise, ingenuity and innovation to create social, environmental & economic improvements.


We have a bespoke annually reviewed Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda, through which we implement practices promoting economic security, social betterment and environmental stewardship.


Shape Engineering have embedded Social Value, Sustainability & Environmental Policies which communicate our ethics relating to our business, our people, our facilities and our external relationships.


We are committed to minimising the effect of our Carbon Footprint on the environment and society. We have an Environmental Management System in place to measure, control and reduce our outputs.




Our staff have the opportunity to donate their time and skills to local charitable projects. We are aligned with several Regional & National Charities, who benefit from an array of activities explained in our Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda.



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